March 24, 2021

Issue #1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Sonic Postcards! I suppose I should start by explaining what Sonic Postcards is...

I love writing, I love music, and most of all I love sharing music. A lot of my friends can probably attest to the number of borderline spam texts I have sent you imploring them to check out track x, y, and z over the years. I have a hard time rationing the passion when it comes to music and Sonic Postcards is just an extension of that. Through these blog posts and associated newsletter, I am sharing the tracks that make me happy in the hope that it makes you happy too.

With that, let's get into it. This week's playlist is a mix of twang, soul, and lush electronics. The standout track for me is "Say My Name" from Lydia Loveless. Her voice might not be for everyone but the rawness of it pairs so well with the warmth of the guitar. Her album, Daughter, is absolutely worth a listen through in its entirety.

An artist I am really excited to watch is LUHA. Originally from France, she moved back from London just prior to quarantine beginning and stumbled upon the chance to live with a local pysch pop band, Coral Pink. The end result is her latest EP, Is It Today or Tomorrow, which came out last week.

With that, enjoy the tracks!