January 27, 2022

Issue #14

Starting Back Up

Well that was a longer break than I expected! It has been over half a year since the last issue of Sonic Postcards. A lot has happened in those six months - we welcomed a new family member, I got a new job, and most of my free time evaporated.

Two goals I set for 2022 are to return to the weekly release schedule of Sonic Postcards and to roll out a dedicated site for Sonic Postcards. I am happy to say that I took a couple weekends and just rolled out a first pass of the Sonic Postcards website (this site). The site is minimal by design and still lacks some core functionality but it does its job for now.

The Tunes

Let's get back into it. My favorite track this week is "Pool Noodles" from Pablo Eskobear. I initially thought the band name was just a pun but in a wild twist it turns out their band name takes its inspiration from a black bear who overdosed on 80 pounds of cocaine. The bear has become something of a southern folk hero and there is even an upcoming movie about it directed by Elizabeth Banks. If you want to go down the rabbit hole on this you can start your journey with this Rolling Stone article and this LA Times article.

The other standout track for the week is Twin Flame from Kississippi (another outstanding band name). It comes off their latest release, Mood Ring. While it is not my favorite release from them, it still holds up pretty well. Her 2018 release, Sunset Blush (funnily enough taking its name from the boxed wine), is worth a listen as well.

That's it for this week. Enjoy the tracks!