February 25, 2022

Issue #17

Every few months I am lucky enough to come across a band that shatters my sonic world. The latest band to do this is Hailaker. More open-ended project than band, they are comprised of Jemima Coulter and Ed Tullett at the core along with collaborators Ali Lacey (Novo Amor) and collage artist Mike Roth. While Roth is not a musical collaborator, he is an integral part of the project. In an interview with the Fader, Coulter credits Roth for providing a physical and tangible quality to the project.

Roth has done the album artwork (a series of collages) for every Hailaker release which has lent an awesome sense of continuity to the project. Writing this issue is the first time it struck me how much the artwork compliments the sound. In an interview with London in Stereo, Coulter describes their music as “layered, felt, shiny.” It is only fitting then that they have chosen to use collages as the physical representations of their music. You can check out Roth’s artwork at https://www.mkrth.com/hailaker.

With that, enjoy this week’s tracks and artwork.