March 4, 2022

Issue #18

After I heard the post-chorus verse on “DON’T TELL THE BOYS”, I knew this song was going to be running laps. The lyrics are a wonderful mix of wit, nostalgia, and angst and it does not hurt that they reference the OC.

Don't tell the boys that we done spent the week inside

And watched 3 seasons of the OC, 'till Marrisa fucking dies

You know at times I'm more like Ryan

You're a little more like Seth

You're so quick witted when we talk about what happens after death

I heard your brother's in the desert

He's been fighting for our freedom

He's been chasing nameless faces ever since he finished rehab

Can we support the individual?

Without supporting the whole damn complex?

It's either shooting guns or heroin

At least one of them pays for college

Ah, shit"

The song was written by Petey who I initially came across in a context totally removed from his music. There is a good chance you know this dude for his distinct style of comedy skits on Instagram and Tik Tok. His videos feature him playing multiple characters having the most mundane but hilarious conversions. I cannot put my finger on what makes them so special, but I always emerge feeling pleasantly surprised and a little bit lighter. If you’re in need of a laugh, highly highly recommend tumbling down the rabbit hole of his Instagram or some of his music videos.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the tracks!

P.S. shoutout to Peter G for sharing “Bobby” on this week’s playlist.