March 25, 2022

Issue #20

Welcome to Issue #20 of Sonic Postcards and the new bi-weekly schedule.

My wife and I were lucky enough to travel to Nashville to visit friends and see Hiss Golden Messenger (HGM) a few weeks back. It was the first indoor show we have been to since 2019 and had special meaning for since HGM were one of the first concerts we went to together. This week’s playlist is a celebration of HGM as well as the music of its past and current band members.

When we first saw HGM in 2016, the touring band consisted of frontman M.C. Taylor, Phil Cook on keys, and Ryan Gustafson on guitar. I had actually never heard of HGM until a few days before the show, but I had heard a few songs from Ryan Gustafson. I saw that Gustafson’s band the Dead Tongues were playing at the Bluebird in Denver so decided to check them out. After that show, HGM, the Dead Tongues, and Phil Cook became some of my favorite musicians.

This is one reason I was particularly stoked to see HGM again in Nashville. I thought I would get to see all of these guys together again. Turns out the touring band was totally different this time around though other than M.C. Taylor. As a result, the band had a markedly different sound - polished and with a commanding stage presence. Of the new additions, the standout for me was the keys player Sam Fribush. He had the most reserved manner but could wail on the organ. In addition to HGM, Fribush put out a project called the Sam Fribush Organ Trio which is worth a listen if you are into Jazz and Blues.

I’ll save the deep dives into each one of these musicians for another day and leave it here. Happy listening.