April 22, 2022

Issue #22

Welcome to issue #22 of Sonic Postcards! The standout on this week’s issue is from Lansing, Michigan’s Hot Mulligan.

I totally missed the boat on their EP, Acoustic Vol. 1, that came out in 2021. If you did a mid-year Spotify Wrapped though, it would probably come out as my most listened to album. I am a sucker for acoustic emo. I think this is largely because of how trippy it is to hear such devastating lyrics shining clearly on top of delicate acoustic arpeggios instead of masked by distorted guitar. Everything cuts a little bit deeper.

For all their heaviness, Hot Mulligan consistently finds a way to wrap things up in bow of comedic relief through their song titles. With track names like “The Soundtrack To Missing A Slam Dunk,” “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch,” and “Featuring Mark Hoppus,” you have no idea what the song is going to be about. First listens are like smashing the mystery box in Mario Kart. This interview on the Chad’s Home podcast has a great breakdown of their naming process.

If you are craving some more acoustic, check out the Burst & Decay and Burst & Decay Vol. II EPs from their label mates on No Sleep Records, The Wonder Years.

That’s it for this week. I’d say happy listening like normal, but let’s be real these tracks aren’t happy.