April 2, 2021

Issue #3

Hope this latest issue finds you all well! Spring is well underway out here in Auburn which has me listening to a lot more dream pop and indie rock this week. The first track of the playlist and one of my favorite tracks of all time, "Archie, Marry Me" even starts out with some audible spring bird song to match the season.

Another old favorite that is making the playlist this week is the collaboration between Ryan Hemsworth and Dawn Golden (Dexter Tortoriello) on "Snow in Newark". If you are not familiar with Ryan Hemsworth he is a ridiculously talented producer that has produced tracks for artists ranging from Tinashe to Mitski. He has strung together a huge catalog of originals (see his latest Quarter Life Crisis) and remixes (see his remix of Tinashe's Boss). Hemsworth's production and Tortoriello's vocals weave together to form a brilliantly fragile track on "Snow in Newark".

have been listening to the song regularly since 2014 and still can’t pinpoint what exactly keeps me coming back each year. My guess is that it might be tied to the memories that I have layered on to the song over the years.

One of my favorite aspects of music is how it can be a memories catalog. Hearing a song, it is easy to get transported back in time and place. Even cooler is the ability to attach new memories to a single song as your experiences with it change over time. It is amazing how a piece of music can so quickly and effectively allow us to re-visit our past and catalog our present.

That’s all for this week, enjoy the tracks.

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