August 18, 2022

Issue #30

Welcome to Issue #30 of Sonic Postcards!

The favorite artist I have come across in the past couple of week’s is Big Nothing. I came across them when exploring artists related to Camp Trash on this awesome tool called Discover Quickly. If you haven’t heard of Discover Quickly, it is a fantastic way to find music - basically a supped up, build your own adventure version of Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist.

Big Nothing is a beautiful mix of indie punk and alt-country. Something about them reminds me a lot of another favorite band called Ona who I also included on this week’s playlist.

Another standout for this week is “Hamilton” from Hazel English. There’s no way for me to verify it, but it seems like the track was heavily inspired by “Homecoming” from the The Teenagers.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the tracks!