September 1, 2022

Issue #31

Welcome to Issue #31 of Sonic Postcards!

This might be the most cohesive playlist in a while - it is all indie-ish. The playlist kicks off with “White Girls” from Rat Tally. I had never heard of them until this week and am so stoked they landed up in my feed. They just released their first full length, In My Car and listening to it for the first time it felt like I was picking up an album that I will be returning back to a lot in the next year. The lyrics, music, and general vibe hit right.

Rat Tally will be touring the East Coast and Midwest with Camp Trash this fall - talk about a dream bill.

Bringing it back to the general vibe hitting right, “Exile” from Bonny Light Horseman hits the nail on the head. There is some larger than life quality about their songs that makes it feel like you are in a TV show montage with the perfect soundtrack laid over it.

Earlier this year, my wife, son, and I were all having a lazy Sunday morning in the kitchen while I was making pancakes. “Deep in Love” from BLH came on and it felt like the sun got a little brighter, things slowed down and that the credits were about to roll on the episode. The TV show This Is Us seized on that same sentiment and created one of the more compelling montages of their last season, seizing on the aforementioned song. Some bands are just made for the screen.

That’s it for this week. Happy listening.