October 21, 2022

Issue #34

Welcome to Issue #34 of Sonic Postcards!

Let’s start out with an announcement on changes to the format of the newsletter and website.

In recent weeks, I have been hemming and hawing over the format of Sonic Postcards. The original issue format consisted of a short playlist and writeup of a featured artist that went out every Friday. I liked this format as doing research on bands and sharing the unlikely stories that cropped up brought me a lot of satisfaction.

When I became a dad, the project entered hibernation for several months. When SP started again, the cadence shifted from weekly to bi-weekly. In theory, this bought me the time I needed to do the research and writing for an issue. In reality, I still did most of the work the Wednesday night before an issue came out.

This has meant that the research and writing components of SP have become a source of friction for the project. At its core, the purpose of SP is to provide a vehicle for sharing the music I am loving at any given moment. The playlist component still easily allows me to do this. The write ups, not so much.

Consequently, I will be dropping the write up portion of SP and only sending out playlists going forward. The best part of this change is that it will allow me to start sending out an issue every Friday instead of every other Friday. More music, less middling quality writing.

In the spirit of that, let’s jump right to the playlist for the week.