November 18, 2022

Issue #38

Welcome to issue #38 of Sonic Postcards!

It is funny how no matter how old I get, I am still self-conscious about what songs I throw on a playlist and what it says about me.

In elementary school, you were a deadman walking if you admitted that you liked “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne. I personally loved the song and wonder how many other dudes went around talking trash about the song when they secretly loved it.

I’d like to think that the inclusion of a more “delicate” track like “When We Are Together” shows some progress and personal growth in this arena but who knows. All that aside, this week’s playlist is a mix of some recent releases and some favorites from the past few years.

Happy listening!


p.s. the lead off of this week’s issue came another music newsletter I subscribe to called Foxwick. If you are looking for more music, it is worth subscribing to.