April 22, 2021

Issue #6

Welcome to Issue #6 of Sonic Postcards!

I'm a sucker for a weepy slide guitar and this week is proving no different. The closing track, "Go Outside" from Ratboys, is filled with it and spins a yearning yarn for what only seems to be an approaching summer of somewhat normalcy (🤞🤞) . The track arrives on their latest release, Happy Birthday, Ratboy and is a celebration of the bands 10th year of making music together. Their reflection on music got me reflecting on music, specifically how and why I got into it.

I started skateboarding in first grade and I got my first skate video in sixth grade (One Step Beyond from Adio). The soundtrack to that movie opened up a whole new universe for me - no longer were the Now that's What I Call Music CDs the things on heaviest rotation in my Walkman. Smash Mouth got replaced with Broken Social Scene, Backstreet Boys got replaced with Saves the Day.

Skate videos became my favorite way to discover new music and I savored the experience of deliberating over what song to put over the crappy footage my friends and I put together of us skating. Not much has changed today save for I am skiing instead of skateboarding. I bet I turn to my wife at least twice a month and say wouldn't this song be sick in a ski movie?

Skateboarding was such an unexpected entrance into my obsession with discovering music and soundtracking my life with it. I am sure some of you have plenty of equally unexpected stories. Drop me a line with your own, I would love to hear them!

Happy listening!

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