May 7, 2021

Issue #8

Welcome to Issue #8 of Sonic Postcards!

This week is going to be brief as I have been busy putting the finishing touches on my "Building Interactive Maps with React" course (if you like maps, check it out!). The first half of this week's playlist is on the crunchier and rowdier side. I'm missing live music like crazy right now and the first four tracks get me as close as I am going to get right now. The playlist closes out with five tracks on the mellower side.

If there were ever two bands to represent all that is good in the chaos of live music they are Diarrhea Planet and Japandroids. I got the chance to see Diarrhea Planet in Portland in the summer of 2013 and they brought all the chaos you would expect out of a band with four guitarists and a styled described as "pop played through the filter of heavy metal." If you want to get about as close to catching a live show as you can right now, I highly highly recommend checking out this video of their live performance of "Separations".

Enjoy the tracks.